NWRPC Staff & Office Location


1400 South River Street
Spooner, WI 54801



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**Titles Listed Below are Working Titles Only

Name Title Email Phone
Johnson, Sheldon Executive Director 715-635-2197
Laumann, Jason Deputy Director 715-635-2197
Costello, Kate Accounting and Loan Administration Specialist 715-635-2197
Gifford, Kimberly Housing Development Specialist 715-635-2197
Gronning, Ashtin Housing and Environmental Specialist 715-635-2197
Howell, Eric Community Development Planner 715-635-2197
Johnson, Warren HHW/Recycling Technician 715-635-2197
Jones, Mariann Fiscal Manager 715-635-2197
Kinnick, Michael Community Planner/Certified Lead Inspector 715-635-2197
Larson, III, Clement Geographic Information Systems Specialist 715-635-2197
Lindstrom, Shauna Administrative Specialist 715-635-2197
Mader, Megan Community Development Specialist 715-635-2197
Nelson, Emily Community Development Planner 715-635-2197
Pearson, Ken Business Development Specialist/Loan Fund Manager 715-635-2197
Roeser, Richard Business Development Specialist 715-635-2197
Rohde, Crystal Business Development Specialist/IT Specialist 715-635-2197