City of Washburn Comprehensive Plan Update


The City of Washburn Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the Common Council in 2007 is undergoing an update as required under Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Planning Law (66.1001, Wis. Stats.).  This update will consist of a complete revision of  the planning document and the inclusion of an Outdoor Recreation component, which will serve as the City's comprehensive outdoor recreation plan (CORP).

City of Washburn Comprehensive Plan 2023-2043

City of Washburn Comprehensive Plan 2023-2043 DRAFT (PDF)

Public Participation in the Plan Update 

Wisconsin Statutes, Section 66.1001(4)(a), require that a local governmental unit  adopt written procedures that are designed to foster public participation during the plan update process.

City of Washburn Public Participation Plan

Community Issues Exercise

The issues identification exercise is conducted to gather input on fundamental issues facing the City of Washburn. Issues can be both positive and negative in nature and are factors to be explored, maximized or mitigated in the updated comprehensive plan. The Community Issues Exercise was conducted with the Plan Commission on February 11th, 2021.

Community Issues Results (2/11/21)

If you wish to add additional issues to the list for consideration in the plan update, you may do so by HERE by Monday, March 15th, 2021.