Spooner Enterprise Center

Location: 1540 and 1580 River Street, 1319 and 1401 Valley Road, Spooner, WI
Four Facilities: 60,000 Square Feet - New Construction, Flexible Space
Sidewall Height: 16 feet
Shipping/Receiving: Loading Docks
Electrical Service: 800 Amp 480 Volt Three Phase
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning  (HVAC): Natural Gas / May Be Climate Controlled
Sewer/Water: City of Spooner
Communications: Fiber Optics and Telephone/DSL
Access to Capital: Revolving Loan Funds, Bank Financing, Venture Capital
Business Assistance: Business Plan Development, Electronic Knowledge Service, Technology Transfer and Marketing, Human Resource Technical Assistance

If you would like more information or to learn more about becoming a client of the program, please email  Rick Roeser, Business Development Specialist/Enterprise Center Program Manager, or call him at 715-635-2197.