Superior Transportation Improvement Program

The Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC) has prepared the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Superior Urbanized Area. The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) represents state and federally funded projects planned within the metropolitan planning area of Superior, Wisconsin.

What is the Superior Area TIP?

The Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC) annually develops, maintains and updates the Superior Area TIP in a process that begins in August and is completed in October. All projects are consistent with the goals and system needs put forward in the Duluth-Superior area's 30-year Long Range Transportation Plan.

The central feature of each TIP is the Project List, which identifies all federally funded transportation projects within the Superior section of the MIC Planning Area for the current four-year period. The Project List also identifies the federal funds that have been allocated, as well as the source and amount of local match dollars budgeted for each project, and for what years.

Projects may be amended into the current TIP throughout the year. Amendments typically add new projects or modify existing ones as new funds become available.

Due to significant variations in the TIP development processes between the two state Departments of Transportation (DOT), the MIC compiles the Superior Area TIP separate from the Duluth Area TIP. Together, they represent an integrated, prioritized program of funded improvements to the transportation system throughout the Twin Ports area.

2019 through 2022 Superior Transportation Improvement Program (PDF)

2020 through 2023 Superior Transportation Improvement Program (PDF)

2021 through 2024 Superior Transportation Improvement Program (PDF)

2022 through 2025  Superior Transportation Improvement Program (PDF)

2023 through 2026 Superior Transportation Improvement Program (PDF)