EMSI Developer

What is EMSI Developer?

Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI) Developer gives users comprehensive, up-to-date local employment and industry data easily modeled to a user-specific region. With EMSI Developer, you can define the geographic area that best fits your analysis needs, from the entire state of Wisconsin to your specific county, metropolitan statistical area (MSA) or zip code.

Once you've defined the area you want to study, EMSI Developer allows you to perform in-depth analyses of the industries and workforce that fuel your economy. EMSI Developer puts a wealth of information at your fingertips, including the following:

  • Location quotient (LQ) information for the defined region
  • Job change within an industry
  • Unemployment within an industry
  • Industries with similar staffing patterns
  • Supply chain dynamics

You can use EMSI Developer to identify your regional occupation mix and staffing patterns, and you can conduct wage comparisons between industries and geographies.

Economic development professionals throughout the country use the power of EMSI Developer data to pinpoint high-growth industries and uncover gaps in their supply chains. EMSI Developer also highlights skills gaps in your current and future workforce, allowing you to take corrective action to ensure you have the workers you need for maximum productivity and competitiveness.

With EMSI, you are also able to anticipate the impact of expansions or contractions within an industry or simulate the effects a project will have on other industries.

Simply put, EMSI Developer will give you the insight you need to build effective economic development plans that make the most of your resources.

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